Never Sleep Rust, Coal, & Water

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 2.51.28 PM

With the use of surgery cameras, ground-breaking studies have documented the ominous inside of the cybernetic infrastructure that surrounds upload/download streams from the internet. This is forgotten, spent, burnt, and wasted matter. This is the gaseous rumblings of the power plants in the suburbs. Energy perennially moves from one place to another along these canals, culverts, and cables (shown here for the first time). It runs on spent energy, it burns a million-years in a second, it moves like water, it never sleeps; we don’t let it sleep. We burn it all underground and it will one day burst like a blister in fevered-exhaustion. Culture Fever. The world metronome stutters and starts over, loops upon itself and replicates time. This is the chthonic provenance of creation stories that waste time toward an end and a beginning. This is the redox reaction of iron and oxygen, the chemical change of spent coal; this is the sound of water evaporating and the clock ticking.

Video taken by I. Feigle
Sound Recorded by N. Davis and I. Feigle